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Your Eye Exam

 A complete eye examination is performed to  diagnose the overall health of your eyes and check any specific  problems you are experiencing.

Your exam will include: a check of  visual acuity, refraction for new glasses, examination of external eye  structure, a glaucoma test, examination of the lid margins, conjunctiva,  cornea, anterior chamber, lens and retina.

For a complete eye  exam, your pupils will be dilated.  Although it is not necessary in all  cases, dilation is frequently needed to examine the inside of the eye  for disease and problems.  Dilation also makes measurements for glasses  more accurate.

The dilation eye drops take 20 to 45 minutes to be  effective, so plan to allow extra time in the office.  Since dilation  may cause your vision to be blurred for two to three hours, it is  advisable to bring sunglasses and, if possible, someone to drive you  home.